Coaching Options

Our coaches would like to share their expertise, knowledge and passion for the game to enable players to improve their technique and develop new skills in a positive and enjoyable environment.

Cricket Coaching Birmingham

We offer various cricket coaching services including, private coaching, spin bowling coaching, high performance clinics, group coaching and consulting to teams.


Forget about waiting for your turn to bat, don’t bowl for 90 mins and get an 8 min bat, come and get 1-on-1 expert coaching, you will notice the difference. With expert technique analysis, we can quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses. From this a specific program can be developed and implemented by our expert coaches.

Through core skill development and consolidation, we are able to improve not only the player’s technique but also empower them to take control of their game to ensure future success.


Whilst the players carry out what is essentially a net session, the coach is able to identify and address each player’s specific technical improvements. The coach can take an individual aside and work with them one-on-one or offer improvements whilst still participating in the group session.

The group environment allows the coach to see a player performing against their peers and in a team environment. It also promotes teamwork and a team focus whilst helping each other to improve and achive individual and team goals.

Players can learn from each other, develop new friendships whilst receiving expert coaching.


One lane (net) price £20.00 with bowling machine, without machine £20.00 (all self service) however with a Level 2 & 3 Coach its £30.00 PER HOUR.

Group sessions are on Friday 6pm-8pm 2 hour session with a level 2 coach. £8.00 per person.

Age 9 and over sessions, Saturday morning 9am-11am - £10.00

Age 12 and over 11am-1pm also at £10.00